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NOT “me first”. YES, “me too”!

It is OKAY to make errors, to have a few bad days, to be less than perfect at times, to do what is best for you, to be yourself, to embrace yourself, to encourage yourself, to talk well of yourself, and to worship for yourself. That is what I call a whole bundle of self-care and self-love.

Self Care is the practice of actively maintaining one's own well-being and joy, especially during times of stress. Since 2011, 24th July has been celebrated as International Self Care Day. The emphasis is on raising awareness about the significance of self-care and equipping individuals with the information and skills to be active participants in their own wellbeing.

I have heard many people casually say, “only if you love yourself, will others love you.” I certainly agree, Self love is the best love. It is not as easy to follow as to say though practice makes a man perfect. When you love yourself, it portrays a sense of self care as well. Everyone has a need to look for oneself. There are various ways to implement self care, 6 of them being the main and important ones.

Self Care is Important, know why?

It is not selfish to take care of oneself; it is a need. Self-care is an essential daily practice. This will result in a better balance of your wellness dimensions and enhanced overall health and wellness. Life is valuable and should be savored.

Self Care is directly proportional to high Self esteem and Self efficacy. Here, Self Efficacy is one's Belief in their capability to perform a certain task. Self-care may help you manage stress, reduce your risk of disease, and boost your vitality when it comes to your mental health. Self Care boosts your confidence and makes one accept yourself , be the original YOU.

Consequences of not practicing Self Care

Are you too busy and avoiding self care? Being over productive is not right either. Self Care missing from your Schedule may affect your physical and mental health in many ways. Some of the warning signs you may experience are as follows-

  • Fatigue or insomnia

  • Addiction

  • Brain fog

  • Poor hygiene

  • Poor relationships

  • Feeling inadequate

Things to do on a Self Care Day and Types of Self Care

Physical Self Care

Taking care of our bodies is an important aspect of self-care, but it does not have to entail a strenuous workout regimen. The key to self-care is that it should be something you like doing rather than something you feel obligated to do. Yoga, eating more vegetables and fruits, and going for a bike ride are just a few ideas.

Emotional Self Care

Emotional self-care is the practice of being more in tune with one's emotions. It's about checking in with yourself, being more aware of your triggers and thought patterns, and finding methods to work through them rather than burying them. Journaling, mindfulness and meditation, and being creative, such as expressing your feelings via art, are all things you may attempt.

Spiritual Self Care

Spiritual self-care does not have to be religious, but it may be for some individuals. When you practice spiritual self-care, you are nurturing your soul, striving for inner peace, and looking for purpose and meaning in life. Some suggestions include meditation, spending time in nature, and giving to a charity or a cause in which you passionately believe.

Intellectual Self Care

This form of self-care is doing something you like that both feeds and challenges your intellect. It broadens your knowledge. In this area, acquiring a new skill might be considered a form of self-care activity. Other pursuits include reading a book, learning a new language, and viewing a documentary on a topic of interest.

Social Self Care

Humans are sociable creatures by nature. Because our degrees of comfort in social circumstances vary, this form of self-care may appear different for introverts and extroverts. However, connection is essential for all of us. Spending time with loved ones, reconnecting with an old acquaintance, striking up a discussion with someone at the café when you pick up a coffee for yourself are all things you may attempt.

Sensory Self Care

Sensory self-care involves feeding your senses (sight, smell, touch, and sound), which is an efficient technique of returning your attention to the present moment and lowering your stress levels. Burning a favourite scented candle, listening to calming music, or strolling barefoot on the grass are all ways to practice sensory self-care.

Taking care of myself doesn't mean “me first”. It means “me, too”- L.R. Knots. Always remember- Tomorrow will be a new day. Making errors is a natural part of life; saying 'no' is OK; not everyone needs to like you; and beauty and power come from inside. Without hesitation, be yourself and embrace yourself !

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Uday Hassanandani
Uday Hassanandani
Jul 27, 2021



Every word of it is so true, and so inspiring. Thank you, this is amazing. Loved it!

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