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Welcome to EduPsych

EduPsych is an initiative by Ms. Ruchi Bakhai, and an online Psychotherapy platform offering counseling and emotional wellness services to ALL Indians - we make receiving therapy easy, affordable, wait-free, shame-free, confidential, and help on the go!

Our platform is focused on bringing together ethnography, therapy, holistic spirituality, technology & an understanding of business design to revolutionize how humans relate to mental health. 

Our flagship innovation offers to help train the mind for mental excellence providing access to timely, effective & affordable mental health support better than antidepressants, enabling professional & personal growth for millions who can't access them.

​We believe everyone deserves great mental health. This means access to timely, effective, and affordable solutions. Our mission is to make this dream a reality. EduPsych offers end-to-end behavioral health services to individuals, employers, and health plans. Our flagship digital and face-to-face Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) programs help individuals with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), stress, relationship issues, and the like get instant and effective help. By combining intuitive expertise with supportive and motivating therapists, experts, trainers and life coaches, EduPsych is able to deliver best-in-class engagement and outcomes at a fifth the cost of face-to-face therapy.

Our Story

"I AM MY OWN RESCUE" - If not for life pinning me down, I wouldn't have struggled to get up and win. This tussle resulted in the inception of a personal culture of daring to bleed my knuckles but not stop punching my way forward. Resilience gave birth to my phoenix, "EduPsych". This self rescuer was founded in 2016 to offer a Psychotherapy platform for one's personal and professional growth. EduPsych, a safe space, is a product of my resilience that I could build little by little after every rejection, disappointment, loss and heartbreak in my journey as a Psychologist and an Entrepreneur.

Today, an Entrepreneur, Psychologist, Speaker...over the years, a MENTAL HEALTH WARRIOR. Yes, I am a Depression survivor turned Psychologist who prides herself in being known as a Mental Health Warrior. Growing up, I was bullied, humiliated for not fitting into societal definitions of how 'feminine' a 'female' should be, exploited for being naïve, and more of a loner - not by choice but by force. From not being able to pronounce the word, 'Psychiatrist', (as it was understood a 'sin', a taboo, a stigma that only the crazy meets a Mental Healthcare Professional), to walking into a haven that turned me into a self-rescuer and a Psychologist, it's been quite a bumpy ride!

I had stopped evolving, innovating, growing, or reinventing and I knew that I was in danger. But, I knew not how to save myself. It was when I enrolled for a P.G. Diploma in Psychological Counseling (because studying was more of a hobby), that I embarked upon a journey of self-worth and I started to compound it with positive reinforcements, to cherish it unconditionally! I woke up to the adversities surrounding all of us: judgements, gender bias, patriarchy, and ignorance towards the MOST IMPORTANT organ: Brain. And I got committed to a journey of becoming the Transformation one seeks to gain Mental and Emotional excellence by continuing to pursue further studies, this time, as a mission and not a hobby alone.

When on a mission, it's always an ongoing one! One leads to the other and the process is exciting! So, from a solo practitioner to an entrepreneur, I've created a safe space where healers and seekers find comfort and growth alike. EduPsych is that bandwagon that welcomes professionals to be fearless in their pursuit of a successful career as a Psychologist/Psychotherapist/Counselor/Mental Health Professional, irrespective of the location they reside in or the time-zone they work with. At EduPsych, we are breaking stigmas one after the other:

  • Eradicating stigmas associated with mental healthcare.

  • Breaking silences and speaking up about things that hurt.

  • Breaking barriers that limit women professionals to continue working after marriage/during pregnancy/after pregnancy/whenever!

  • Breaking the barriers of language - seek help in YOUR language.

  • Breaking norms that limit methods of learning. We help you know your learning style.

  • Breaking financial limitations of healing by offering therapy that is better and affordable than pills and potions!

  • Breaking conventional norms of seeking psychotherapy and offering help right at the click of a button - online!

I'm certain that the list is an ever growing one. So, if you find yourself to be a warrior, a toughie, a norm breaker, an empath, an active listener, a healer...join in our mission and become a MENTAL HEALTH WARRIOR because - We all are Warriors fighting our battles alone. But this is a war. And wars are won with an army.

Quoted by our Founder, Ms. Ruchi Bakhai


Our Founder: Ms. Ruchi Bakhai

Our Vision

Better mental health and emotional wellbeing for all Indians, now and for future generations.

Our Mission

1. Making mental health a coffee table conversation. It's time to 'openly' talk about your feelings.

2. Eradicating the stigmas associated with mental health in India and making professional counseling affordable, accessible, convenient - so anyone who struggles with life's challenges can get help anytime, anywhere! Our mission is to cure people of mental health issues, reduce suffering, and understand the brain.

3. Helping professionals continue to grow in their career from any part of the world.

Our Philosophy

"You Feel The Way You Think" and "Thoughts Turned Into Actions Achieves Goals" is what EduPsych believes in. At EduPsych, our objective is to ensure access to high quality psychological counseling aid, expert corporate training services and support to one-and-all with our innovation. EduPsych is built on a foundation of 'vision'- a vision for creation. Our vision motivates us to constantly challenge the stigma attached with Psychology and create what people 'need' with the help and understanding of Psychology.

Our Focus

We are focused on overcoming mental health issues by bringing together ethnography, therapy, spirituality, technology, and an understanding of business design to revolutionize how humans relate to mental health.

An initiative that focuses on discovering and facilitating ways to build solid foundations of putting one's mental health FIRST for one's Personal & Professional Growth. EduPsych pledges to eradicate stigmas attached to mental health issues and raise awareness, provide educational tools and engage employees (and ALL others) to get help.

Why Choose Us?

Good mental health without pills or potions!

If you are a person who has been in therapy before and is ready to TRY it AGAIN in order to make a lasting CHANGE, EduPsych provides the kind of therapists who will keep you working deeply so that you reach the GOALS you want.

You know how a sports coach helps you train your body for peak performance? Well, EduPsych's Corporate Training can help you train YOUR mind for mental EXCELLENCE for your PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL GROWTH. We help in managing your mental health as ENTREPRENEURS.

EduPsych's Psycho-Educational Assistance & Psychological Assessments SPECIALIZE in showing men & women how to experience total health, by connecting mind, body and spirit.

Do you feel you are ALONE? EduPsych offers SUPPORT GROUPS to help people get a sense of community. It helps people in their desire to bridge the gap between where they are right now and where they want to be in the future, with the support of group therapy sessions.

We Offer Psychological Care

What is your head filled up with? Brain, of course! But, what else? Are there worries, doubts, dilemma, confusion, fears, clinical issues, negativity? If so, it's time to seek help!

It's important to have a clear head, both when you are beginning a new project and overall. You shouldn't allow yourself to get bogged down with negativity, or other emotions that will slow you down.

Clean up the clutter. Feel good. Feel safe to speak up. Seek help so as to feel better, think more clearly and have an easier path to a successful and fulfilling life.





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“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” We, don't intend to do that.

We are grateful for being featured on several media channels and by several organizations. We share this list to add in our note of thanks and call for more abundance.

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