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Self-Help Worksheets

Use these self-help and educative worksheets developed and designed by our experts for your therapy outside the therapy session for a better and happier you!

Know Yourself Worksheet (Introspective Worksheet)

Often our troubles initiate due to the lack of or little knowledge about our own self. Use this introspective worksheet to learn a thing or two about yourself. This might help you express yourself better during your personal and professional conversations.

Common Unhelpful and Helpful Thoughts Tool - CBT For Anxiety

Feeling nervous, anxious or frightened has a lot to do with how we think. Obviously, there's no point in trying to stop thinking. But, should we let it think unhelpful thoughts? Make a choice. Use this worksheet to make talking about your anxiety an easier process, so as to get the right help from your counsellor.

Self-Awareness Happiness Assessment Worksheet

How much are you self aware of yourself? Do you know how to assess your happiness? Have you come across many self-awareness practices but found it unhelpful because you couldn't put it to use with your unhappiness as the barrier? If, your wait ends here.

Relaxation Practice Sheet - CBT Worksheet For Anxiety

Our thoughts, if unhelpful, can cause us immense anxiety and make it difficult for us to get back control over the way we think. Ultimately leading feelings to overpower our brain. Hence, we feel what we don't want to. Use this worksheet to practice some relaxing skills so as to make it easier for you to gain back control over your brain.

Thought-record Sheet - Self-Esteem Worksheet

Our Brain's job is to THINK but, isn't it true that we wish to do away with over-thinking? As it causes us a lot of difficulty and we get caught up in a negative automotive thought loop. It's time you switch your unhelpful thoughts with helpful ones and invest in building your self-esteem.

Worry Time - CBT Worksheet For Anxiety

This self-help worksheet is the coolest tool available for you to learn how to manage your difficult thoughts. It's true that we all get worried. But, when our worries form all of our thoughts, it's unbearable. So, how about setting aside time to worry? Sounds crazy cool, yes! Try this tool and experience magic yourself.

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