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Counseling Category Index

These are some broad categories to enlist some of the areas of expertise that EduPsych experts offer their services in. We enlist these broad counseling categories to help you be more informed before you opt for a session with one of EduPsych's experts.

Career/Academic Counseling

Whether you are not clear about which career path to walk on or are stuck in a mid-career crisis that requires you to start all over, EduPsych experts are well trained to help you with reliable career tests as well as guidance-oriented counseling sessions. Moreover, if you find yourself disinterested in or unaligned with your academic goals but wish to do well academically, we can cater to your requirements.

Friends & Family Counseling

It's not always about ourselves, right? Sometimes, we worry about the health, safety and happiness of our friends and family that makes us reach out for help. At EduPsych you can put an end to your worrying and seek help for a friend or family you care for the most. Our professionals offer you a 5 minutes of talk-time to share your concerns and observations with them during but limited within the session time. Your observations about this friend or family can be a good head-start to the session.

Love - Relationship Counseling

It's not everyday that we find someone help us with our relationships. Unfortunately, we were never taught any helpful things about relationships let alone feelings like love. At EduPsych, you'll find emotionally intelligent experts who can help you sail through difficulties and hurdles you bump upon in your relationships. Yes, it's important to invest in learning to be emotionally intelligent with regards to our relationships. It's helpful to channel our feelings constructively by acknowledging, admitting, accepting & rectifying them.

Self Improvement Counseling

Are you learned enough with the three most important areas of your life - health, wealth and relationships? Are you aware of these three important pillars of your life if not well-learned? If your answers are in the feeble 'yes' or a less confident 'I don't know', probably you are experiencing overwhelming emotions that you don't understand and have no control over and it often throws you off-track when you were already having a hard time defining your life. So, here's a reminder: You don't have to be sick to ask for help.

Depression Counseling

The most commonly used term, 'Depression' is also the most misunderstood illness. So much so that not only will you find yourself alone and within a community of judgemental people, you'll often find 'preachers' instead of 'healers'. EduPsych encourages you to give a thorough perusal at our experts' profiles before scheduling your session with any one of them. Our Founder is a Depression Survivor and she laid the foundation of our organization upon the philosophy of becoming and being a Mental Health Warrior. We are here for you.

Anxiety Counseling

The incorrigible feeling of, 'I don't know' is difficult to fight or defeat. But, not outright impossible. Take your time to decide, change your mind, decide and change it again because we feel your difficulty in beating your negative automatic thoughts as well as your intrusive thoughts where you find yourself getting caught up in a loop. Just because you are on our site, we wanted to let your brain process this: keep changing your thoughts if you have to, keep thinking non-stop if you cannot help it, but, if you're reading this, allow your fingers to click on buttons that makes you meet a therapist who can help you fight your anxiety.

Stress Counseling

Of course we want to build more and more of our fighting cells aka WBCs aka Cortisol but, we definitely don't want to succumb to the toxicity the excess of it causes us and pins us down feeling stressed. If you felt this, you must know that we feel it too. So, we do not propagate a stress free life or some stress busting strategies alone. We walk with you to the bank of toxins and help you withdraw yourself from the stress it causes you. Therapy as well as some actionable tips that can be the predator to your stress is what EduPsych has to offer.

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