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Depression Support Group Online

Talking about a past or present experience with depression can be overwhelming. The many reasons we may decide not to share our struggles are all too real - we don't want to burden others, we're worried we'll get fired or we don't want to be judged or treated differently. But talking about depression can be a key step in the recovery process. Most people feel better after talking to someone who cares about them. And it can be the catalyst for a significant shift in how society views and addresses depression. We're here for you. We're all ears. Let's talk about depression! Let's support one another!

What will you get by joining this support group?

4 small, therapist led, interactive group sessions to understand and manage your depression better

Video recaps and downloadable worksheets to help you invest in your mental wellness everyday

Bi-weekly journal prompts to support you in re-defining your relationship with depression

Access to a curated, confidential community of other people who have experienced depression 

By the end of these 21-days, you would have...

Understood the neurological triggers for your depression

Built awareness around emotional triggers and behaviours that accentuate your depression

Developed a unique toolkit to help you cope with your depression better

Created habits and rituals that can help ground you when you suffer a relapse or feel depressed

People who have been a part of this support group before say...

Achira Das Gupta

Ruchi has been a lifesaver when it comes to my experience with depression. When I first called her up to enquire about a support group, she was the only one in my city who answered positively. Her laugh gave me a certain kind of hope in the heart and then afterwards, when I met her, I felt even better. She arranged the support group for me and 2 more participants a few months later and it was a truly great experience. I learnt a lot from her. She was friendly, a truly happy soul and very, very helpful. I will recommend her to everyone who's looking for a soul that will listen to them and come up with truly unique, helpful solutions. She is light.

Frequently Asked Questions

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