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How Do I Practice Self-Care? Isn't It Selfish Indulgence?

Self-care isn't about pricey spa days or binge-watching your favorite series while the laundry piles up.

Self-care is about consciously choosing to do stuff that keeps you, well, YOU – in top shape, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It's the antidote to stress, the mood booster, the energy jump-starter, the resilience-builder. And the beauty of it? It is as unique as you are.

Understanding Self-Care

Physical Wellness

Physical self-care involves choices that keep your body functioning at its best. Eating nutritious meals, getting quality sleep, regular exercise, and maintaining personal hygiene are all part of this. It is about respecting your body by making healthful choices – think fresh veggies over fast food and consistent bedtime over late-night TV.

Mental Wellness

Mental self-care includes activities that keep your mind sharp and stress-free. It might be reading, doing a crossword, or pursuing a hobby. It could also mean disconnecting from tech, being present in the moment, or enjoying quality time with loved ones.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional self-care is about recognizing and expressing your feelings healthily. It means setting boundaries, saying 'no' when needed, and seeking help when things get tough. It can also involve showing kindness to yourself, forgiving your mistakes, and doing things that bring joy.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual self-care is about connecting with your inner self and what gives life meaning. This could involve meditating, praying, appreciating nature, or practicing gratitude. It's about finding inner peace.

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How to Practice Self-Care

  • Claim Your "Me-Time": Start by staking out some quiet moments each day. These golden minutes are just for you. No work, no chores, no interruptions.

  • Do What Makes Your Heart Sing: Have a favorite book that transports you to another world? A bath that soothes your soul? A walking route that calms your mind? Do that! It's about embracing joy in the simplest of things.

  • Nourish From Within: Food is fuel for your body. Aim to eat a balanced diet, full of colorful veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains. Good nutrition is good self-care. And let's not forget sleep! Aim for those solid 7-8 hours. Your body will thank you.

  • Move Your Body: Exercise isn't just about sculpted abs or toned legs. It's about feeling good. A short jog, a quick yoga session, or even a living room dance-off can boost your mood and energy.

  • Breathe and Unwind: Life's hustle can get overwhelming. Take time to relax. Deep breathing exercises or a few minutes of meditation can work wonders to quiet your racing mind.

  • Set Boundaries: It's okay to say 'no.' In fact, it's necessary. Protect your time and energy by setting boundaries. They're crucial for avoiding burnout.

Your self-care journey is personal and may require patience and trial-and-error. Start small, be kind to yourself, and remember it's okay to prioritize your needs. It's not selfish; it's essential.

Let the professional and certified counselling pros step in:

It often happens that you are not able to take care of yourself or do things that you want pressed by situation, time, or unavoidable circumstances that seem to choke you further. We often just go with the flow, say 'yes' to a servile attitude, and don't voice our wants at the right time. It is only the professionals who can give you back your peace of mind, a bigger slice of sanity via talk therapy, and let you open when you start conversing with them. Hitting the 'comfort' button with no bars hold conversations and channelizing your mind and energy in the right direction starts when you take professional help.

At EduPsych, we're here to help you. Our highly experienced counsellors via talk therapy and best psychological counselling services, empower individuals to live healthily and happily. Get in touch with us and take the first step towards your self-care journey.

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jasim azan
jasim azan
Jun 08, 2023

You have discussed very briefly and cover very important issue, Please keep sharing.

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