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Couple Counseling & 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Things aren't going well in your relationship? Having problems with your partner? Somebody recommended couple counselling?

Now before you look for counselling support services, you may have several questions around couple counselling itself that you want answers for.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about couple counselling:

What is couple counseling?

Couple counselling is a form of psychotherapy that can help improve the relationship between you and your partner. It is also known as relationship counselling and marriage counselling.

Couple counselling helps couples work on their relationship by focusing on how they communicate with each other and resolve conflicts. The counselor may ask questions to help you become more aware of the way you think about your partner and about the way your partner thinks about you.

What are the benefits of couple counseling?

Here are some of the common benefits of couple counselling:

  • You build trust with your partner. You learn how to communicate more openly with each other, which helps build trust and intimacy.

  • You learn how to resolve conflicts more effectively. You learn techniques for resolving conflicts so they don't escalate into arguments or end up becoming personal attacks on your spouse.

  • You learn how to manage your emotions better during conflict so you don't say things you later regret. This reduces tension, helping you keep communication channels open so that disagreements can be resolved peacefully rather than through arguing or fighting.

  • Couple counselling gives you tools to deal with issues such as infidelity, lack of intimacy, and sexual dissatisfaction.

Is couple counseling worth it?

Couple counselling can be a great way to work through some of the obstacles that come with being married or in a relationship. If you or your partner has been feeling frustrated, depressed, or anxious, it can be helpful to talk through these issues with a trained professional. Couple counselling can help couples communicate better and improve their relationship. So, yes, couple counselling is very much worth it.

Is couple counseling only for married couples?

No, couple counselling is ideal even for unmarried couples. You don't have to be married to consider getting couple counselling. Partners in any type of relationship (married, unmarried, live-in, more) can seek therapy to resolve their relationship issues.

Can couple counseling save a relationship?

Couple counselling can play a significant role in saving a relationship and strengthening it. But it won't happen magically. Both the partners involved must commit to making counselling successful. This means they must listen to their counselor and follow the latter's advice.

How much does couple counseling cost?

This depends on the counselor or clinic. Different professionals charge differently. So, when you're looking for couple counselling support services online, in addition to the counselor's experience, also consider their charges.

How long should couple counseling last?

There are many factors that influence how many sessions a couple counselling should be fragmented into. It will be different for different couples. In general, however, you should attend anywhere around 12 to 20 sessions to see the benefits. Furthermore, even when the issues are resolved, it's recommended to continue with your sessions for longer to build and maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

When should you seek couple counseling?

There are many signs that you should seek couple counselling. These include:

  • Arguments that get worse instead of better.

  • Relationship problems that have been going on for some time and have not been resolved.

  • Feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with your relationship.

  • Conflict over finances, sex life, communication style, or parenting styles creates problems in the relationship.

  • One partner feels more responsible for the success of the relationship than the other partner does.

  • There may be problems with in-laws or extended family members that affect your relationship negatively.

If you're noticing any of these signs, or there are any signs that things aren't good between you and your partner, you should definitely seek couple counselling.

Final words

Don't wait for things to get any worse. Seek out the best psychological counselling online for you and your partner; start couple counselling immediately and move towards building a better relationship (and a happier future).

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