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Problems in Marriage: 6 Signs You Need Relationship Counseling

You've been married for a while but you don't seem to be getting any happier or closer. You may even feel like your marriage is unfulfilling.

Relationships, after all, are supposed to make us happy. But if that's not the case with your relationship, that's something out of the ordinary.

Relationship counseling is an excellent option for couples who want to work on improving their problems.

Here's an overview of signs that tell you should seek couple counseling:

1) Poor or lack of communication

This is a big red flag that something is wrong. If you can't talk to your partner, especially when something upsets either of you, there's probably a reason for it. It could be that they are avoiding talking about the problem. Or maybe they are just waiting until the problem goes away on its own. Either way, it's important to communicate with your partner if only for the sake of making things better between the two of you.

2) Constant fighting and bickering

If arguments are happening every day and even multiple times during the day, this could be an indication that something is wrong. Sometimes these arguments happen because one partner isn't listening to what the other partner has to say or because they aren't hearing what their partner is trying to say. In either case, these arguments often lead to more fighting and eventually make things much worse than they need to be!

3) Lack of trust

Trust is a key ingredient in any relationship, but it's especially important when you're trying to save it. If you and your partner don't trust one another, there's no way for either of you to know what the other is thinking or feeling. This can cause arguments that never seem to end.

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4) Unresolved arguments

Arguments are inevitable in relationships — even long-term ones. But when they go unresolved, they can poison the relationship from within. You might feel like you're stuck with each other even after bad feelings have passed — and that can lead to resentment.

5) Change in sex life

It's one of the most common signs that you need relationship counseling. A couple goes through a phase of being together for just a few months and then things change. There's more distance between them, they no longer feel as close, or they're not having sex as much. The changes are usually gradual, but when they happen suddenly, it's a clear sign that it's time to get help.

6) You can't recall a good memory with your partner

It's normal for relationships to hit rough patches from time to time; however, if you find yourself struggling to remember positive memories from earlier in the relationship, then something may be off. This can happen when couples are under stress or dealing with other problems that are causing strain between them (such as money issues). The key here is communication, which, again, can be challenging; when things aren't going right, effective communication becomes difficult. An intervention from a professional can help you resolve this issue.

Final words

Counselors can be a helpful resource to any couple experiencing varying types of relationship difficulties. Relationship counseling can often prevent the conversation from derailing into breakup/divorce territory, and it's a good way to discover the causes of those problems before they explode into full-blown conflicts.

If you've tried other types of conflict resolution without success then relationship counseling might be for you. Seek counseling and support services from an experienced professional. The best psychological counseling online from someone who has worked with other couples can help save your relationship.

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