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About to Get Married? 6-Step Checklist for A Strong Start

Yes, you have thought a lot about your upcoming marriage. You possibly have considered many factors before making this big life decision.

Provided that said, many couples often overlook a few of the key things going into the marriage that led to problems in what was supposed to be their "happily-ever-after" phase.

To help you steer clear of these (common) problems, here is a six-step checklist you should follow before tying the knot:

1) Discuss money

This is one of the top tips before getting married. You need to know where both of you stand financially at present day, or if both partners are saving for retirement, if one person is the breadwinner and the other is the homemaker or if there is a mix-up in the roles. Having a conversation about money can prevent arguments happening later in your marriage. It also allows you to plan together for conditions like, if things get tough, what will be the financial plan in place to get through it.

2) Talk about your career path

Couples need to talk about their career paths before they get married. This enables them to make sure they are both on the same page regarding their future. Discussions needed to happen on what kind of job will suit them best and how long they will stay at that job. It also helps them figure out whether they should continue working full-time or switch careers altogether. After all, career goals and aspirations also influence where you live, your decision to have children and so many other aspects of your lives.

3) Talk about having children

It is not just about money and careers — it is also important to discuss having kids with your partner. You need to know if they support starting a family, or if they have any objections. It is also important to make sure that they are on board with the idea before you get married and start making plans for your family. This is another one of the key tips on getting married that will have a significant impact on the success (and happiness) of your marriage.

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4) Face the topics of politics and religion

When you first meet your future spouse, it may be tempting to avoid talking about these topics. But avoiding them will only make things more awkward after the marriage. If you have political or religious differences, they may cause problems in your marriage. Addressing them head-on, resolving any conflicts on these fronts, and ensuring there's respectful understanding even in the differences will help you a lot in your marriage life.

5) Spend facetime with your spouse

The couple must spend quality time together before marriage. This will allow them to know each other better as well as build trust between them. It also helps in building a strong relationship with each other as well as helping them understand each other's needs and wants better.

6) Opt for pre-marital counseling

Pre-marital counseling is an important part of your marriage. In addition to helping, you make sure your wedding day is everything you want it to be, it can help you and your partner avoid many common problems that couples face in their relationships. The benefits of pre-marital counseling include:

It helps you learn about your partner's values, goals, and plans.

It provides a safe environment to discuss important issues.

It allows you to identify whether your partner has any dysfunctions or problems that might affect your relationship.

It can help you clarify how you want things in your life to change after marriage.

Several counseling support services providers extend help to to-be-married couples. So, find the best psychological counseling online from an experienced specialist, seek pre-marital counseling, and give your marriage a fitting start.

Final words

You know it: Marriage is possibly the biggest life decision. Taking adequate steps before you say "I do" will help you avoid many of the common problems married couples face, thereby ensuring a healthy marriage life that prospers and grow deeper in love.

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