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5 Signs Your Parents Need Elderly Counseling

Your parents may seem to be doing fine, but you can bet that they're not as happy in their new role as grandparents as they should be. They've changed, and not for the better — their needs and demands have changed too.

You don't need to change your relationship with your parents to help them with the challenges of aging. But it's important you see things from your parent's point of view so you can be more compassionate — and better able to support them. Here are five signs that they might need elder care counseling:

1. They are struggling to adjust to this life transition

The transition from "adult" to "senior citizen" isn't easy. Health often deteriorates. The slowdown in physical health subsequently affects mental health. Old age also brings a range of ailments and biological changes that result in mental health problems. For example, type 2 diabetes and menopause are among the common causes of depression for elderlies. If your parent is struggling to adjust to this life transition and their physical health has taken a toll, it’s crucial to have them get help from a GP and therapist.

2. They're not getting along with family members

Your parents are accustomed to being the head of the family. But as they grow old and more people join the family, the power dynamic shifts. For instance, with the addition of a daughter-in-law in the family, your mother might not be able to play the role in the family that she did earlier. So, parents sometimes face difficulties with the addition of new family members. They start having a lesser centralized role in the family, which often makes them feel lonely and less important. They feel emotionally hurt. If any of your parents are going through this phase, counseling can help them adjust to the changes in relationships within the family, thereby improving their mental health.

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3. They're being destructive and angry

Seniors who are depressed or angry will often lash out in destructive ways, such as destroying things around the house or yelling at you for no reason. They may also become depressed, which can make them more prone to anger issues.

4. They're becoming isolated from their friends and family

Seniors who feel isolated from their friends and family are often depressed because they don't have much support in their lives anymore. If you notice that your parents are not socializing with others, which can subsequently result in several mental health issues, it could be an indication that they need counseling.

5. They don't have a clear sense of purpose in life

One of the most telling signs that your parents need elderly counseling is when they don't have a clear sense of purpose in life. This can be because they don't have a job and aren't sure what else to do with their time, or it may be because they have too many responsibilities in their lives, which makes it difficult to focus on what needs to be done. Either way, if they don't feel like they have a reason for living anymore, it's time to take action and connect them to an expert for online psychologist consultation.

Contact the best counseling support services

These are some of the telling signs that your elderly parents need help. Get them connected to an experienced counseling support services provider who specializes in working with elderlies. Early intervention can help improve their mental health, thereby boosting the quality of their life and overall happiness.

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