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How to Stay Motivated When Working with a Difficult Boss

Let’s accept this: some bosses are not motivating. If a boss is too autonomous, uncaring, or discouraging, they will demotivate employees to perform their best let alone improving skills. Often Bosses do not behave in a professional way and demoralize someone in front of other colleagues. Not involving someone in basic discussions but expecting work within a stringent deadline are some of the very stressful factors that could to lead you to lose your patience and focus on your work.

While careers and jobs are a significant part of an individual’s life but getting repeatedly demotivated by your boss can seriously affect your mental well being and hamper your ability to deliver the best of your efforts. If you are too stressed, fed up, fearful and unhappy with your job and all interactions with your boss leave you mentally exhausted, an alternate way to face the situation is by taking the following actions that could be of help to be productive at work while maintaining your sanity and mental health. You can consult the best online therapist who can provide you a methodical plan and assist you with management techniques to work with a demanding boss.

1. Strike up a conversation

Sometimes the best approach is the direct approach. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with your boss and talk about how you need support and feedback to achieve your career goals. You can use this private meeting as a chance to draw attention to the fact that their remarks or yelling are stressful and hindering your ability to deliver to the highest level.

Having a conversation with your boss takes courage as the person has positional power and authority. To draw up your inner reserves of strength and standing up for yourself if you need any help you can look up top online therapy sites to get the required assistance and power up the imbalance in the relationship with your boss.

2. How to work with someone you don't like or respect and stay professional?

Work can be full of stressors from difficult projects to career delays, but one of the most challenging situations is when you must work with someone you don’t like or respect and stay professional. Working with someone you don’t like or respect disturbs your effectiveness at work and also affects your health and wellbeing. When people demonstrate unprofessionalism at work—for example, sarcasm, demeaning interactions, interposing or rudeness—their behaviour can cause stress as well as a lot of anxiety.

If the stress is building up and it is becoming extremely difficult to bear a toxic environment where there is a lack of trust with your boss, opt for best online career counselling services to speak to a therapist which could be beneficial to discuss your worries and get potential solutions to help you handle the scenario that is affecting your mental health.

3. How do you work with a boss you don't like?

Sometimes in a work scenario you can’t choose your boss but you can choose how you react to a toxic one. Your boss might be less than perfect but you need to find out the best way to work with a bad boss. Leaving your current job may not be your option so you must think of implementing some techniques to work on your bond with your boss as they play a significant role in shaping your career path. It can be helpful to speak with a career coach or online counselling therapist to seek advice and guidance on how to work with a boss who is making your work life difficult. Someone outside your workplace might be able to give you a perspective that will help you to deal with the situation better or look at it differently. You can search for career counsellors online and also try to book best virtual therapy.

4. Tips on how to keep working when unmotivated whilst you tackle your difficult boss

Motivation at work ebbs and flows based on career situations, external circumstances, and the state of our physical and mental health. Toxic work environments come in so many forms especially when you have bullying bosses but you need to keep working despite of being demotivated. Working in these difficult environments would feel like a minefield every day thus hampering motivation and increase stress, anxiety, and other counterproductive work behaviour. Staying calm and focussed, not taking something personally, being careful in making decisions may be some tips one could follow while keeping working even if you are demotivated with a difficult boss around. Asking for help from online therapists in your city can be important to rethink about looking at meaningful workplace motivation if things aren’t getting better and are having a bad influence on your mental wellbeing. Speak with a Career counsellor to seek help and guidance to get ideas on how to work even if you are demotivated and have a difficult boss.

It is no easy task understanding and dealing with a bad boss. Recognising the signs of poor leadership may guide you to react and respond and that may help you protect your mental health. But being under constant stress while working for a difficult boss can be very daunting and hamper productivity keeping you under anxiety and stress.

Final Words

If you continue to feel burdensome, stressed out that affects your job performance or mental wellbeing, it might be the time to opt for professional guidance. Consult online counselling sessions or a virtual mental health therapy with a professional therapist who can help you to speak out your concerns, feeling and thoughts and assist you customised strategies to manage the issues effectively.

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