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PUBG Addiction - Know How It Impacts The Overall Health!

One of the most popular mobile games right now is PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground). More than 400 million people all over the world play the game, including both adults and children. With so many people participating online to play the game every day, tournaments and competitions are being organised all over the world. However, apart from the fun and frolic, the game has become notorious for being extremely addictive. It has led to many health issues and behavioural problems among users. This has resulted in many countries banning the game. To enjoy the game without being negatively affected by it, you have to know all the details.

What is PUBG? PUBG is an online multiplayer where users participate in real-time. In the game, each round starts with around a hundred players parachuting on an island and look for weapons to protect themselves. The idea is to kill the other players before they hunt you down. The last player surviving wins the game.

The thrill of being the last survivor in each game gives us instant gratification. This constant adrenaline rush keeps us hooked to the game that might lead to addiction. The addiction has increased to such a point that cases of self-harm and suicides have been observed. Symptoms of gaming addiction - Doctors have stated that gaming addiction is most common among male adolescents within the age of 12 and 20. According to them, games like PUBG prompt a neurological response in our brain that triggers feelings to pleasure and reward. Therefore, after every achievement in the game, the mind wants more and thus leads to addictive behaviour. Here are the common symptoms of gaming addiction –

  • Feeling more comfortable in the virtual world than the real world

  • Spending most of the waking hours in gaming rather than other activities

  • Continuously thinking about the game even not playing

  • Loss of interest in other activities

Effects of gaming addiction - The following issues may arise from playing games like PUBG addictively –

  • Playing for long hours can weaken eyesight, joints and muscles. It can lead to obesity, poor posture and headaches.

  • Spending less time with others leading to social isolation

  • The sleep patterns may get disrupted as players may sleep less to play more

  • Aggressive behaviour or emotions

  • It can affect their academic performance

How to prevent PUBG addiction? These steps can cure PUBG or any game addiction – Limit gaming hours – Playing the game for 1 or 2 hours is safe but avoid going above that limit. You can allot a specific time of the day when you will play the game. Engage in more activities – Have a more active social life by spending time with friends and family. Work on your passions like music, painting or writing. Self-improvement – Read more books, take courses, work on your career and academics to improve yourself. Take medical help – If you still cannot curb your gaming addiction, talk to a counsellor or psychiatrist. You have to remember that real life is more rewarding than virtual life if you work hard for it. However, if you find yourself falling into the prey of gaming addiction, seek medical assistance immediately.

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