Ms. Ruchi Bakhai

Psychologist, Corporate Trainer

I offer the gift of non-judgemental listening. It all starts with a conversation. Along the way, I help you heal and, grow personally and professionally. And if you don't, I help to keep the conversation going, because I want you to get there. That's my thirst!

Hi! I'm Ruchi and I am passionately curious.

The curiosity, the desire, the thirst for wanting more, the challenge to try the 'new' so as to experience what my schema can bring to me, has become one angle of the life that I live. This is exactly how I've cultivated my 'jungle gym' like career.


Here's what I've been creating:


1) I'm a Psychologist and I help people train their mind for mental excellence.

2) I'm an unshakable optimist who believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. I achieve this dawning the role of a Transformational/Keynote Speaker.

3) With a vision to change the way businesses think, act, and operate, I am working as a Corporate Trainer to help transform company culture and create a better working world.

4) I've Founded 'EduPsych', a Psychotherapy platform offering a safe space for all your mental health concerns. As an experienced Psychotherapist, I have discovered remarkable patterns about how people think, act, and communicate. I envision to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.

5) Constructive Change is the mantra that helped me become a Change-Maker and Lead the Lean In Kolkata Network

This space looks like a jungle gym of my career graph because I believe there isn't a single role or an upward ladder in career. It's a jungle gym puzzle! I'm growing. If you are pro growth, feel free to reach out. Uncertain? It's Ok! If you've got problems, I've got ears. 













Phone: (+91) 7980925582


MHA Program Email:

Headquartered at Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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About EduPsych

At EduPsych, we provide an online psychotherapy platform and emotional support platform designed to foster mental wellness. It anonymously connects you with the right experts like Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Narrative Therapists, Psychological Counselors, Psychologists, Child Counselors, Life Coaches, Career Counselors & Guides, and people with rich and deep life experience, who understand you and guide you through completely confidential individual and support group sessions.

We are not a medical service or suicide prevention helpline. If you are feeling suicidal, we would suggest you immediately call up a suicide prevention helpline.

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