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Interior Designer

“I met her when I was severely depressed with my life. Currently, I've completed around 6 sessions and I must say I have found a tremendous improvement in myself. She made me feel positive about myself and helped me regain my confidence which was lacking tremendously. She has this positive vibe in her which she can be easily transfered to anyone.” 


PhD Student

“I only went for a few sessions of counselling because I had to go out of town, but those few sessions have really helped me deal with the problems. It felt very good to talk to someone who actually understands what I'm going through and who was able to come up with ways to help me as well. I would definitely like to continue my sessions with her when I get back to town.”​


Content Writer

“This was my first time to visit a Psychologist and believe me I had one of the most wonderful experiences. She helped me a lot and motivated me. Very good listener and observer in my case. Very positive too and tends to always care to listen to particular things and give near about perfect answers to all my questions and query. I'd love to visit her again and review my improvement from my current circumstance.”​



"She helped me elucidate and articulate my thought process. She is patient and compassionate and respected my choices. She could really see through me. I am really thankful for her advice. She helped me figure out my future career prospects, which I was very skeptical about. She is a great listener and she replies with insightful comments. After the sessions I became more confident and I really know what I want to study and do in future."


Working Professional

"Ruchi has been extremely helpful to me in identifying certain deep rooted issues ranging from personal trauma to questions about confidence, belief and encouraged me in adopting a better lifestyle and gain clarity on multiple issues. I would whole heartedly recommend her because she provided a very safe space for me where I could talk about each and every issue that was bothering me and irrespective of their gravity to me, she took every single one of them with utmost sincerity and care."


Content Writer

"Ruchi has been a lifesaver when it comes to my experience with depression. When I first called her up to enquire about a support group, she was the only one in my city who answered positively. Her laugh gave me a certain kind of hope in the heart and then afterwards, when I met her, I felt even better. She arranged the support group for me and 2 more participants a few months later and it was a truly great experience. I learnt a lot from her. She was friendly, a truly happy soul and very, very helpful. I will recommend her to everyone who's looking for a soul that will listen to them and come up with truly unique, helpful solutions. She is light."

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