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Sohini Roy Chowdhury

Sohini Roy Chowdhury

Counseling Psychologist

I have worn 2 hats over my 15-year career- a successful Operations Manager, coach and trainer in some of the world’s leading organizations (HSBC Bank, IBM, and Vertex) managing large teams and individuals and handling international clients and customers. 


In the second leg, I am a passionate counselling psychotherapist handling clients from all age and backgrounds with empathy and compassion. 

In my current profession I am deeply committed towards working with individuals from all walks of life and ethnicity, having various mental health issues for clients PAN India and overseas. 

While my previous job encompassed training, managing, recruiting, and mentoring individuals and teams, my current profession helps me to guide and help individuals re-shape their lives with better alternatives and healthier choices which lead them to both physical and mental wellbeing.  



  • Compassionate and thoughtful

  • Engaged listener

  • Effective communicator

  • Flexible and Adaptive in my approach

  • Empathic and Completely Non-judgmental

  • Always having a positive approach


  • Marriage/ Marital Counselling

  • Children Counselling

  • Pre- Marital Counselling

  • Elderly Counselling

  • Adult and Adolescent Counselling

  • Emotional Outbursts

  • Behaviour & Thought Problems

  • Anxiety Disorders Treatment

  • Anger Management

  • Loss of Interest

  • Sports Counselling

  • Family Counseling

  • Patient Counselling

  • Youth Counselling

  • Parent Counseling

  • Adult Counselling

  • Anxiety Disorder Counselling

  • Anger Control

  • Child and Adolescent Problems

  • Mood Disorders

  • Lifestyle Disorders Treatment

  • Social Anxiety Disorder

  • Career Counselling

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Parenting Issues & Doubts

  • Early Parenting Issues

  • Depression Counselling

  • Family Problems

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Languages Spoken

  • Hindi

  • Bengali

  • English


  • 2-Year Certification course on Psychological Counselling and Stress Management (Jadavpur University) 

  • MA in Psychology (IGNOU) - ongoing

  • MBA (Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur, Howrah)

  • B.Sc. Chemistry Hons (Calcutta University)


  • Practicing since 2018

Client Feedback

  • Anonymous (Verified)


Visited For Anxiety Counselling

I got to know about Sohini through one of my friends and I started taking sessions from her in 2019. I had been going through tough times then. Coming from a conservative family, having been molested by the closest person of my life (my uncle) and betrayed a number of times by the person I dreamt my future with, I was shattered. Life seemed miserable. I tried to console myself and cope up with all that was going on. I think that I have always been very strong-willed and courageous at heart and so I decided to take help, keeping all unknown to my family. No matter what we might have achieved today, people taking psychological help are either considered weak or sick. However, I feel it's one of the bravest decisions, as it towards our own betterment. The mere recognition of the problem solves half the problem.

Sohini was the next best thing that happened to me. Many of my friends have struggled getting a helpful counselor. I was lucky in that case. Solutions always rests with the problem, I feel. In the end, it's undoubtedly you, making the change in your life. But Sohini can be one of the best guides, making you discover your potentialities, courage and you as a whole.

When I came to her, I was also nothing great professionally. It's almost 5-6 months that my sessions ended. After joining her, everyday I have excelled in both personal and professional aspects. Life is beautiful. There is always a positive side to all the negatives that we tend to highlight. Let the positivity be in the limelight.

  • Anonymous  (Verified)


Visited For Depression Counselling

I know it's a cliché but let me still put it this way that you were the breath of fresh air which helped me breathe when I was choked with smokes of desperation. Right from the first day I realized that I have come across a therapist who's so professional and yet has a personal touch, which is your X factor which is why I always wait for a session whenever I am in town. You have been a therapist, a guide and a friend, someone very close to my emotional quotient. All the gratitude I will express will fall short.

Pretty woman with a golden heart, thank you for everything!

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