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Student of class X: I’ve a dream of doing something unique. Parent of the student: No way. What do you mean by your dream? We’ll decide what you got to dream. Student(demotivated): But I’d like to follow my passion. Parent: And what is that? Student(with a hope in his eyes): I want to be a musician. Parent: There’s no future in it. We can’t let you wrestle in life just like that. (Thinking): [Moreover we are answerable to the society. How will we brag if my son isn’t even opting for science stream?] Student: Will the society banish me if I don’t go main stream? I thought I could share my feelings with my parents at least. (He ran away, slamming the door behind him) Few hours later the parents found their son unresponsive, ending it all. The family had nothing to gain rather brag anymore. Tears rolled down the cheeks and more came down until they rolled down like a stream…


You must be thinking what’s new in this story? We get a glimpse of it almost everyday through newsprint. There lies the problem. There emerges the issue of urgency to reach at a solution. Well this was just one incident. Others might include bullying, harassing mental health of students and peers, rejection, inability to accept failure in life, sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse, depression and so on. To reach out to people and having someone to share with, is of an utmost importance in today’s life. Life is beautiful only when we know how to make one! The power to create positivity in life lies in our hands solely. Parents can be the best therapists (read friends) in that case. No one knows their children better than them. Being strict doesn’t make you a parent with bad intentions nor being too liberal makes you the most loving caretakers. Sometimes things do fall out of the track and due to busy schedules and complex work routine parents fail to spend quality time with their children,more unintentionally. This proliferates the distance between the parents and their children leading into depression sometimes. Adolescents become the major victim in this sphere. The age of “storm and stress” need to be handled with care and empathy. Many fail to comprehend this and therein lies the importance of counseling. Child counselling and parent counselling goes hand in hand. Both play a pivotal role in treating things right.

Whatever the treatment is sought to alleviate or address, it will likely be very forward-oriented (meaning there will be little looking back with positive demeanour) and will probably be conducted in a non-verbal manner for a large portion of the time (including play, games, art, etcetera). Following are symptoms that may indicate a problem that child counseling can correct or help with:

  • Unwarranted aggression

  • Incontinence

  • Difficulty adjusting to social situations

  • Frequent nightmare and sleep difficulties

  • A sudden drop in grades at school

  • Persistent worry and anxiety

  • Withdrawing from activities they normally enjoy

  • Loss of appetite and dramatic weight loss

  • Performing obsessive routines like hand washing

  • Expressing thoughts of suicide

  • Talking about voices they hear in their head

  • Social isolation and wanting to be alone

  • Alcohol or drug use

  • Increased physical complaints despite a normal, healthy physician’s report

  • Self-harm

Possible remedies

  • Find a good time to talk and assure them that they are not in trouble.

  • Listen actively.

  • Take your child’s concerns, experiences, and emotions seriously.

  • Try to be open, authentic, and relaxed.

  • Explain that the role of a therapist is to provide help and support.

Contact a counselor or therapist for assistance.

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