Is Your Learning Style Aural?

Is Your Learning Style Aural?

Among the different learning styles, Auditory learning is a major one. Auditory learning is a learning style in which a person learns through listening. An auditory learner depends on hearing and speaking as the major way of learning.

Aural learners, simply, like to talk. They emote, they analyze situations and speak about it, and they describe and discuss and like to hear as well as give their own inputs.

Auditory learners benefit from oral instructions, explanations and narrations. They prefer to recite and learn through repetition. Generally extroverted, they learn through listening and speaking, discussing and rephrasing what has been learnt in their own words.

Teachers can help aural learners and emphasize auditory learning through various tools like recordings of lectures, use of rhymes and melodies, reading aloud in class, discussing topics and debating, talking about ideas, paraphrasing statements and understanding, listening carefully and talking about tables, diagrams and flow charts and explaining in their own words what is being show or explained.

Aural learning has been prevalent since long, it’s correct use and emphasis however is required for the betterment in the process of learning. Click Here to learn more about aural learning.

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