Questioning is Important

Questioning is Important.

As kids, in the early years, when we've just grasped speaking and are in the phase of learning new phrases and words everyday, we cannot stop questioning. We want to know anything and everything and hence, we question.

What is a Refrigerator? Who is a Politician? How are babies born? Why do we sleep? How can the Earth be round?

The questions begin and do not end. Parents, at one point are no more able to answer these trains of endless questions.

As we grow up, this exploratory behavior slowly reduces and through our learning years, we gradually stop questioning. We imbibe what is given to us, whatever is served to us. This is detrimental to the growth of an individual for one stops thinking.

It is important that one questions. How did this happen? Why did this occur? Can I do this better? Am I receiving the best? and many more questions on the list deserve answers.

Questioning is an important part of learning. When we question and attempt to answer from what we've learnt, we reflect upon our learning and are able to reproduce it well. Understanding develops from questioning and answering.

Many a times, we're actually confused about certain concepts and do not know about it. It is only when we try to answer questions related to that, that we're able to learn effectively.

In life, as well, we come across many crossroads when we have to make decisions and choose the right for ourselves. What is required is, one questions. Most of the times, we know what we want, the answer lies within us and for us to know that answer, we simply need to ask ourselves.

As we question, we evaluate and analyze many sub points of what we've learnt and learning thus becomes more effective. We need to bring back curiosity and start making ourselves aware, as we did while we were kids. There's so much to know and so less time, start now! Join us.

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