Finding ‘Questions’ to our ‘Answers’

Finding ‘Questions’ to our ‘Answers’

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m talking about finding questions not answers.

Today, everything has fast forwarded, knowledge is being served on a platter and what is being fed is being consumed. Nobody today has the time to stop and think, nobody has the time to question.

We’re no longer even remotely bothered about improvement or awareness, as long as what we’re receiving is satisfactory, we move on. This attitude is marring growth and is harming us as individuals. What we need is, to start questioning the answers we already have.

From everyday life crises to concepts taught in school, it is only when we begin questioning that we will know what is lacking, become aware and thus, live and learn effectively. YouTube to Google, there is so much knowledge out there. Sitting for long hours, browsing through manuals and encyclopedias is no longer necessary. Everything is right here, in front of us on a screen at the ease of a click. We needn’t go to extreme ends to find answers and yet, here we are, accepting what is and not making any moves.

As humans, who’re evolving to possess superior brains and intelligence, we cannot let our capabilities rot. As a generation, we need to explore, find, look for alternatives and question; what, why, where and how? As soon as one begins questioning, he/she naturally grows as an individual, becomes a better person, more aware and wise and helps himself most and also becomes a great help for the society.

We, as a generation, have this responsibility to be aware and make aware and if we don’t stop and think, it will all become stagnant. It is important thus, that we begin finding what has already been found, but only, from a different perspective. Questions will link to questions and facts will link to facts. The new world of information that will then open will be overwhelming.

There’s a whole new world out there, what are you waiting for? Join us.

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