What is a Professional Suicide?

“It’s easy to get caught up,” he says. “You know what your vision is. You know what you want to be when you grow up, but if you are not there yet, but you are acting like and talking like you are there, that is Professional Suicide.”

In one of the training sessions, I encountered that the employees were young, skilled, trained and intelligent people who had creative and innovative ideas that could not only benefit them in their career but could help the company achieve heights unimaginable. Despite their abilities they seemed to be stuck. They expressed feeling demotivated as they were unable to achieve what they planned to.

Most businesses have had rocketed because of their great idea. Now, think about that one school project you excelled in because of your great idea- an idea that was different! Remember that college fest that you curated and got applauded because of your ideas? Yes, it does materialize if you have a great idea. If you too have a great idea and have already had a dream of making it big, I request you to ponder over this question: 'What is it that can hinder your idea into ensuring your success?'

Yes, everything begins with an idea but, an idea is not everything. Looking back at the session and if you too, remember your achievements, you would realize that it's not about ideas! It's about making ideas happen.

If you too, want to achieve your goals and make it big, you need to put your ideas to use and avoid your professional suicide. Here's how you can:

Sit Less, Get Active: The planners that we are, we spend so much time planning, curating and analysing that we get caught up with the framework more than doing any work. So, if you don't wish to make history with your professional suicide and become a milestone, sit less and get active! Put your plans into action. Overcome laziness and procrastination.

Be Clear: We all are innovators in whatever we do. We do have some similar interests but it is interesting to observe that almost everyone does the same thing a bit differently. Point: there's great potential in our ideas. Well, our ideas alone cannot bag big projects/tenders/opportunities. It requires a business plan. Lack of clarity meets you with your end. Before you visualize yourself as a multi-million dollar producer, get your thoughts structured and well planned. You must have a business model with an exit strategy planned. This applies to all the professionals. Be it any kind of work you do, you must have all the questions answered or understood before you start dreaming.

You must learn to apply: Overcoming laziness, procrastination and getting clarity is not an entirety. Nothing holds any worth if you do not or cannot apply it. Application is what helps you measure the possibility of your plans. Lack of application is sure to waste all your wants.

Acknowledging that you have an idea that is worth the planning and application is not the only step you take. Thinking alone cannot help you solve your problems or help you in your professional growth. In a nutshell, do not just act like or talk like you've achieved your goals, be the worker and creator too.

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