When Going Back And Going Ahead Is The Same.

"There's nothing called destiny. Choice is the word." What we believe today is what we create tomorrow. Isn't that enough to calm down those galloping horses of your ever tiring mind that fails to see the finishing line and breaks through all the barriers putting everything at stake, from your self-esteem to your peace of mind? We often find ourselves juggling up between doing things to just thinking of doing it. Be it opting for a career change or moving out to a new city, from buying that new car to other petty things like getting married; the series of indecisiveness is so intriguing and fascinating that we end up ruining nothing but ourselves, and the best part is we never realize the process of self-sabotaging. All because of indecisiveness.

The question is what is indecisiveness?- The inability to take a decision. In other words the fear of taking a wrong decision or the anxiety of the repercussions of those decisions. This fear is so engulfing that we often end up leaving things and giving up without even trying it. But does it help? How do we know that the decision of simply leaving things in between is right or wrong? The answer is simple- Regrets and Unhappiness is what follows when you don't take that one step. "I wish I could have…" will cling on to your soul for the rest of your life. Risk is what we call life. The very simple step is doing it without ruminating about it, is the best way to know the uncertainties of life. How can we know if a dish is delicious without tasting it? How can we measure the depth of a water without even taking that plunge? The best way to take a decision is to talk about it. If your mind fails to take you to a definite conclusion: Stop! It's always better to stop and then proceed rather than turn and move away. Keep moving. Sometimes right is right, you don't need to take a left.

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