7 Qualities in an Effective Student

The role of a student is what we take on while treading the path of learning and as we go on learning everything that comes our way, we also encounter many obstacles. Many a times, the solution to our hurdles is in our approach. An effective student thus possesses the following traits:

1. Zeal to Learn: Learning can never be forced and thus, is naturally more effective only when one wants to learn and grow. It is important thus that students harbor this zeal to learn and are eager to know all that lies ahead of them. It is essential that one explores and discovers on their own and thus, this paves way for effective learning.

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2. Reading extensively: This includes not just books but any learning material in general. The more a student reads and revises, the more he or she imbibes and the more is learnt. While we read on our own and study it, as compared to what is read to us and taught; we remember and learn more from the former. As elders, it is important that we provide them with this exposure.

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3. Making Effort: This is extremely necessary as effort is the key to learning. Hard work and effort behind what is being learnt pays off in the form of proper inheritance of knowledge and suitable results when what is learnt is reproduced. Rewarding students accordingly for making efforts also becomes necessary.

4. Discipline: Sticking to routine or a time table having fixed schedules as to what is to be learnt and revised when, what aspects need to be looked into again etc. is extremely necessary. Without time management and punctuality, a student will not succeed. Helping students build a routine is required initially.

5. Social and Emotional Quotients: While intelligence and smartness is judged and monitored among students and skills honed accordingly, social and emotional quotients are equally important. Being able to interact as an individual with peer groups, teachers and others effectively, being a good orator and to be able to express oneself properly has become a necessity.

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6. Motivation: This is key. If one is not motivated to learn further, nothing can help them. Thus, self-motivation to learn and know more and thus, grow is important. Parents and teachers can play role in explaining the importance of learning and thus, motivating students to learn.

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7. Study Skills: Studying smartly along with studying while putting effort is what is required and encouraged today. Lots of teaching and learning aids can be used for the same, skills such as memory can be worked and improved upon and learning games can further make learning fun and effective.

Apart from these, the student should keep a positive attitude towards learning and consider it an experience rather than a task.

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