6 Important Questions Learners Should Ask Themselves

A great part of learning what is being taught is introspecting and analyzing it. While learning, we often forget to go through what we have actually learnt and whether or not has it helped us. It is important thus that learners reflect upon their learning and keep a tab on what is imbibed.

Here are some questions, learners should hence ask themselves, while learning! These can be simply mind notes or can even be maintained on a journal for better and clear understanding.

1. What have I learnt today?

This is direct introspection on what was laid down and what was picked up. Some students are great at absorbing most of what is taught in class while others pick up only the important bits and the remaining remember only what they find interesting. Thus, when we ask ourselves this question we are reminded of what we have absorbed. On rechecking with what was taught, we can easily revise and strengthen our concepts and at the same time, catch up on what has been missed out.

2. Why have I learnt this?

This is an important question to ask. When something is taught or some concept is learnt, it always is with a purpose. If we are learning to speak a language, it is so we can communicate well. Thus, the purpose of your learning should be clear. Why have you learnt what you learnt today, whether or not can you apply it, have you understood how it’ll help you: all this is important.

3. Did I enjoy what I learnt today?

This may not be part of many a teachers’ attitudes but learning while enjoying it is essential for effective learning. Once it gets boring inside class, the concepts stop making sense and learning becomes a task. This is exactly what we do not want! There may be parts you will enjoy and at the same time, you will be faced with topics you do not like. Make us of aids like games or activities so the fun can be brought back.

4. Where did I get stuck?

Often times, difficulties are encountered while learning. It can be a simple pattern but the application of it turns out to be a task. This is where we need to go back and evaluate why we got stuck, if we encountered a problem, how we can solve it and if solved, how we can ensure we do not get stuck again. This will ensure that what is learnt is learnt well.

5. What can I do with what I know?

This is the application phase. What is learnt should not be limited to books, the pages of your notebook and classroom walls. Learning is an experience is only complete when what you imbibed is also reproduced. This can be achieved by making projects, taking part in field activities, experimenting and applying in daily life. Learnt about electricity? Find out how your house has been wired.

6. Do I want to learn more?

This question is essential to maintain continuity. Often, learning seems fun in the early phases but later, learners chicken out. Learning more and more ensures growth. Thus, ask yourself if you want to learn more about what you have already learnt. If affirmative, go on. If not, find out what’s stopping you, what’s making your interest fall and work towards building interest.

If the topic you’re learning doesn’t seem to help you, look for things you’d like to learn about!

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