Creativity - A Key Element of Learning

"Creativity is Intelligence having fun"-- Albert Einstein

Inspiring creativity is extremely important and key to learning. Teachers should not only pay attention to making education interesting and motivating students to study harder but should also emphasize the importance of creativity in learning.

The more creatively one learns, the more the student grows.

Finding creativity and identifying creativity has increasingly become an activity beneficial to classroom environments. Being open to all kinds of ideas and encouraging all students to think and present their own ways of learning creatively is where it all starts. Motivating students to think out of the box, to get out of their comfort zones and not simply feed on what is served is the way to go.

Students should explore and get their minds running and look for ideas everywhere. There is something new awaiting them at every step, what is required is to identify it. Introspecting on their strengths and utilizing them in this direction proves fruitful and learning becomes more efficient.

Once, the flame has been lit, there is no stopping. The ideas that come should be thought upon and pondered on. A journal for all your creative ideas can be maintained and sequentially developed as and when required. For once, the critic in ourselves should take a backseat and all ideas no matter the feasibility should be welcomed. The filtering can be done gradually.

Exploring all the spheres one is wanting to explore should be encouraged. If you can think it, you can do it! Ask yourself questions, look at the situation from multiple viewpoints, allow yourself to make mistakes, rebel because there is no ‘right’ way really and each way is a creative way in itself.

Keep your mind sharp and keep doing what you love to do. While doing things you love, you express yourself best and are your most creative self which is exactly what is required.

Keep brainstorming and finding ways to learn creatively and nothing can stop you from becoming the best of you! You don’t need a stencil to fit into, there’s a whole stage out there and you can create your own stencils just the way you want.

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