7 Important Characteristics of a Good Learner

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Learning is more active than passive and one must first 'aspire' to learn in order to really learn anything at all.

Learning involves a great many things and the learner is key to this process. Here are some important characteristics that help us, be good learners:

1. Curiosity: Good learners are curious. This is the foremost most important characteristic. If you do not wonder, if you do not think about it well enough and long enough, you will not find the will to learn. When one questions, one is also compelled to find the answer. Thus, curiosity is key.

2. Understanding and Imbibing: Understanding of what is being learnt is most important and it comes with effort and patience. They read, write, evaluate and analyze what is to be imbibed and learn accordingly. This process is repeated and done continuously with dedication to produce the desired result after learning.

3. Making Learning Fun: Many a times, certain concepts or topics can get boring or uninteresting. Good learners do not give up and instead find aids and ways to make learning fun. Learning is not an easy process always and many hurdles are encountered along the way. Maintaining interest can be one such task, however, good learners do not give in.

4. Successes and Failures: Good learners encounter successes and failures both and appreciate both. The importance is equal and failures help build their strengths so as to turn forth coming opportunities into successes.

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5. Innovating ideas: Learners do not stop at what is presented before them. They strive for newer and more innovative concepts and approaches. They brainstorm and they create. They make what is taught their own and hence, learn more effectively.

6. Asking Questions: It is important to look for answers but at the same time, it is important to look for questions to the answers we have. Learners who ask “Why” and “How” grow more. They question and they think, they explore and search and find, eventually.

7. Sharing what is learnt: What has been learnt when shared grows several folds and active learning is facilitated more rapidly. Thus, good learners don't just learn, they also teach further and generate a network of learning around them. This is done through discussion and sharing of notes etc.

Apart from these, it is important that one keeps a positive attitude towards learning and considers it an experience rather than a burden.

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