Effective Teaching through Questions and Answers

Lessons at school or lectures at University prove to be important learning experiences for students. The concepts that are newly introduced grow on the students through the various sittings with the teachers. What is important is that learning as a process, should be more active than passive.

Thus, as a mentor or a tutor, questioning becomes significant. As, we ask questions, the student ponders and begins thinking. Wondering what the answer can be, leads to exploring possibilities of what is, what was and what can be.

Students become active and aware as they participate in class and become part of the lesson. Rather than simply absorbing what is given to them on a plate, they pick and choose and absorb and learn accordingly.

Learning becomes a more spontaneous process, the mind opens up and it is relatively more fun. While closed questions lead to students going into the depths and looking for possible correct alternatives, open ended questions are a stage for discussions and debates. Both help in growth of students as individuals.

As students begin thinking, a flow of knowledge is established within and there is noticeable growth in how they perceive and understand various things.

Finding answers makes them more independent and creative in their thinking. One question further leads to others. If the correct answer was found, why is it correct? If the wrong answer was found, what is the correct answer? If this is one possible answer, what are the other possibilities?

Contemplation and working towards it, makes a good student, an aware individual. As, tutors and mentors or even self teachers it becomes our responsibility that the student not just crams but learns and learns creatively.

To know more possible ways of creativity, Click Here.

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