Is Reading/Writing your Learning Style?

Is Reading/Writing your Learning Style?

Read & Write Learners fit the ‘traditional’ image of learning and studying. They fall in line with the conventional, school-taught study method of reading textbooks and writing notes.

Read & Write Learners are good at taking notes during class. They study best by reading over these notes or copying them out. They enjoy reading. You will find them in a library browsing various books of their interest. Mostly introverted, they like to work by themselves, in the quiet and make detailed notes of what they are studying, what concepts they are learning and points they are remembering. They are dictionary learners and invest their time in reading and writing and learning off paper.

Such learners need to be given detailed notes, explanations and essays with all the theories covered that have different perspectives. Learners will usually write them out again and that too, from their own perspectives for understanding. For practice, learners will rewrite notes over and over again. They will make use of handouts, make bullet points and divide different parts to be learnt into different categories and paragraphs. Diagrams, flow charts and tables will be explained in words and statements will be formed.

Read/Write learners fare better in the Indian context and are deemed as the best kind of learners which is untrue. Every learner is special and every learning style is existing only to encourage learning and improve the process.

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