Is Your Learning Style Visual?

Is Your Learning Style Visual?

The Visual Learning Style is, as the name suggests, learning with the help of visual aids like graphs, charts, maps, diagrams. It is seeing and imbibing. It is one of the basic learning styles and is very effective beginning from base levels until the top wherein complicated concepts are required to be learnt.

A visual learner will show characteristics like, remembering what is shown better as compared to what was read or told, being able to learn through diagrams and reproducing the same accurately, preferring to draw as compared to speaking and losing attention while something is being read out and concentrating while something is being shown.

Visual Learners thus need suitable aids for learning such as, highlighting important points and definitions with different colors so it can be learnt through color coding, making diagrams out of processes, and flowcharts out of steps and graphs out of data for easier and effective understanding.

For revision, make use of a mind maps, i.e., use of color codes and diagrams to highlight important points and concepts in short.

Thus, as teachers or mentors, it is important that one identifies if their students are quick visual learners or not and as learners, we must identify our style and see to what extent visual learning is helpful.

Visual learning may or may not be your stronger learning style, but aids help a lot nonetheless and thus, this style should be incorporated in your learning schedule.

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