How Do You Learn Best?

The world has evolved and so have the learners, from yesterday to today. As we have explored, pondered, found and laid out our findings, what has become even clearer is that a LOT still remains unexplored. Learning is thus, a constant process and one must never stop at it.

Learning is dynamic and for the vast population of learners, learning styles vary as well. Learning Styles are nothing but the different approaches individuals undertake while learning and understanding new concepts. Its how people differ as learners, how differently do they perceive information and imbibe it.

Among the various learning techniques, there are 4 major and basic ones that are most evident. These are the VARK or the Visual, Aural, Read & Write and Kinesthetic learning styles.

Visual learning prefers the use of graphics, images, maps etc. to systemize and categorize information making it easier for the learner to understand.

Auditory or Aural learning is to do with sound and hearing. Auditory learners best understand concepts through listening and speaking, while in groups, lectures and discussions. They repeat out loud to themselves and memorize and learn.

Students who prefer learning through Reading and Writing, make use of words, take notes and read extensively and avidly. They are able to translate concepts and diagrams into essays and word explanations.

Lastly, Kinesthetic learners are those who experience and live and learn. These are hands-on learners and will learn the concept by actually getting their hands dirty to experience how it works.

These learning styles differentiate learners from one another. It is important that one identifies his/her learning style so he/she can learn effectively.

Look up our Resources to find out how you learn best.

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