From Geeks of yesterday to Geeks of today

Being called a 'Geek' is not offensive anymore because studying has become, 'cool'!

Studying is no more the boring practice of sitting with books for long hours, wearing nerdy glasses and scoring straight by working hard, sweating it off.

Studying is now a fun process of learning new things, imbibing new knowledge, new concepts that makes you smarter, makes you grow and helps you become aware.

Someone who's a keen learner actually has a lot of fun knowing about new things everyday. It is just so fascinating to find out about how the Earth was formed, how deep the oceans are, what components form our blood, how the heart pumps, how the stomach digests, what makes plant leaves purple, how are bridges built across wide rivers, who gave us our National Anthem and the list goes on.

What is interesting is, there are various and plenty options to support this learning process that one just cannot stop at one chapter. After reading about it in your textbook, hearing about it from your teacher, discussing it with your friend, reading up further online and then, watching videos about the same, it all gets more and more interesting and the information supplied feeds curiosity and keeps the interests alive.

Children today actively discuss concepts, watch lectures and videos about the same and apply when required, thus, behaving as active learners.

Studying has become interesting and as everyone is learning and learning more, nobody is a 'geek' anymore. Or, should we say, everyone has become one, now?

EduPsych makes learning FUN. EduPsych makes being a 'geek' COOL. Join us. Contact us.


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