How Learning in Life helps more than Studying off Scriptures?

It is an interesting observation that most of a human's learning is from what he/she has experienced, what he/she has lived and encountered rather than from what he/she has studied, the formal education that (if, fortunate) he/she has acquired for his/her own betterment.

While books are oceans of knowledge waiting to spill out and be consumed, it is the real world that is a greater teacher. No doubt, the value of education is above all and a learned human is wise with an edge above those who haven't received the gift of education, but interestingly it is the illiterate fisherman, who knows how to swim, who survives the capsizing of boats and not the learned Pandit (sage) who cannot.

A children's tale very well explains this for it talks of how while traveling across the river in the same boat, a pandit who knows all the scriptures asks a poor fisherman if he knows the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads. The fisherman on replying in the negative is met by the judgemental looks of the Pandit for he begins looking down upon him. But, it is only when it begins to rain and the river starts flooding and rocking the boat, ready to capsize that the proud Pandit comes down to earth from his floating heavens. The fisherman laughs and jumps off board to swim ashore while the Pandit is left gaping for despite so much knowledge, he has no common world knowledge that can help him swim ashore to safety.

Such is the rule of the world. Our Grandmothers will speak of experience and how they haven't greyed their hair in the sun and more than often, their advises turn out to be correct and beneficial. Our Parents will guide us based on what they have learned during their years and nothing proves more helpful than their word for us at those difficult points in life.

It is essential, thus, that one lives life with a broad mind and is constantly accepting of what is being learnt and taught as life-learning prove more helpful than classroom studying.

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