Studying Yesterday v/s Learning Today

Gone are the days when children would wake up early in the morning, drag their feet through 10 kilometers to school carrying a slate inside their brown satchel along with small notebooks and a pencil sharpened from both ends. Gone are the days when children would unwillingly rote learn everything taught to them as it is for the Master's word that would be their golden word. Gone are the days when for every minute wasted in class not studying and showing disinterest, a sound thrashing was rewarded by the teacher.

Today, children are learning smartly. Learning has become a process that is being enjoyed, being actively indulged in and is being looked forward to by young learners.

Teachers have shrunk into hand-held tablets that run applications dispensing information at an immense speed supported by interesting ways of teaching that generate interest and leave the children asking for more.

Today, studying is much more than just opening books (the limited number that used to be available), scribbling into notebooks, rote learning it and retaining it until the examination and then vomiting out only to be forgotten. Studying in this sense, is actually futile. No actual learning takes place, the students do not acquire anything new, no skill is developed, no growth is observed.

In contrast to the previous times, today, children are way more advantaged and are living in a revolutionary age of Learning.

Schools have begun teaching in a smart way, teachers don't just read out lessons but the lesson is explained and experienced. Through various demonstrations and presentations, learning has become fun!

Children have begun to like to indulge in solving problems, taking up challenging tasks and a lot is being learnt out of it all.

Children today are growing and their spheres are expanding in true sense. Every learner is now in possession of more than one skill and is moving forward, learning something new everyday.

This change is something that has revolutionized the human resource and is attempting to help individuals explore their own potentials. Studying from yesterday has metamorphosed into Learning of today and it could be a better development.

EduPsych primarily works to make sure this metamorphosis is beneficial for one and all. Our customized study modules and professionally acclaimed efficiency makes sure that Education HELPS and not just reduce to a laborious routine.

Join us. Contact us.

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