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Learning begins very early in one's life. Abhimanyu had learnt the art of penetrating 'Chakravyuh' or labyrinth of deceit while inside his Mother's womb and the Internet today is ripe with queries if 1 day old babies are still late in beginning preparations for Mains and similar entrances!

Well, in all seriousness, one does begin learning and actively engaging with experiences to make sense of the world since a very young age, i. e., since day one.

As one is admitted to school to begin education; development of skills, knowledge and understanding, becoming aware and improving reflection capacities; all become gradual processes in learning.

As one grows, different activities of recognizing, reading, retaining and recalling form the step by step process of studying. Smart learning today, includes focusing, reviewing, rephrasing instead of blind cramming, simplifying concepts, summarizing and understanding, etc. making studying an effective process.

The use of Mnemonics, Acronyms, Flash Cards, Games, etc., i.e., our EduPsych study materials, helps in grasping concepts and effective classroom experiences. Schools today have begun teaching smartly by using smart boards, showing presentations and making students experience rather than just cram what is to be studied. From Wikipedia to YouTube, the student user base is expanding everyday. But, we still have learning difficulties and to cater to each one and everyone's need, we need to understand one's learning style. This analysis could help one is choosing the 'apt' way of learning to reap beneficial fruits of education.

Students are increasingly making most of the opportunities in education provided to them, they are exploring, becoming part of the chapter, asking questions and finding answers and growing constantly.

Studying is no more a burden, it has become interesting and students are loving and looking forward to going to schools and 'Learning'!

All of this and much more could be made easy and possible with our EduPsych's effective methods of learning. Join us to know more.

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