Aptitude+Interest= Success

'An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest'.

What should i do? Should i take up dance as my career or should i take up psychology as my career? Such questions often arise in the mind of a child and one should always take a wise decision.

To whichever region one goes in India, he or she will probably be asked their 10th grade marks and accordingly people suggest them to take up a particular field. These people guide the children in such a manner as if they are experts in these fields. Often, because of this reason, the students get trapped in a dilemma and end up taking a field for which they don't have any passion. Some of these students realize this after several years and then they pursue different career options after completing their class 12.

Let us take an example:

There was a boy who, in his school days, was very much fascinated with business and the financial world; he built interest in the stock and share market. However, he took up science in his class 12 as he was suggested likewise, and hence, he tried his hand at various engineering entrances, but could not make it to the top colleges. Finally,when he underwent an ideal career test, it was found out that his personality,interest and aptitude was more suited towards a career in Economics. Soon, he chose to study Economics and also received a Gold Medal in his first year of graduation.

This is one such case which provides a message that one should always choose a field according to his/her aptitude and interest and it is only then that one tastes success- mentally as well as professionally.

Thus, Aptitude we can say is a result of one's inheritance and development. On the other hand, Interest as we saw above is one's preference for an activity. Aptitude of a person cannot be changed like one's interest. Aptitude of a person gets stabilized and remain to be the same. However, the interests of a person gets affected by what he or she is thinking,learning and doing. Another example can be that a person might be interested in dancing but might not have the aptitude to do the same. Similarly, a person might have the aptitude to do a particular job but might not be interested in performing it. On the other side, one who has a high mechanical aptitude and also has strong interest in engineering can become a successful mechanical engineer.

So, always remember to choose a field as per both your Interest and Aptitude and for expert suggestion: one can take the career guidance test.

Choose the path you'd like to walk through towards your desired destination.

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