Why do people Ruminate and How to Stop it?

Imagine going around a Ferris wheel again and again and again, stuck in a spot, unable to move on a never ending ride. Ruminating is somewhat like this Ferris wheel ride that goes on and on and doesn’t help you in any way but instead makes you feel uncomfortable.

We all mull over issues that may not be very critical. We all contemplate details that may seem very small but end up taking on most of our brain space. It gets worrisome when the thought cycles become like a record stuck on the same lyrics. Ruminating people dwell on unimportant issues, spend most of their time overthinking, over-analyzing and many a times, jumping to conclusions. At first, it comes across as a genuine concern but slowly, it begins eating you up and you become that hamster in its wheel, unable to get out and helpless. As you begin erecting mountains out of mole hills, the thoughts slowly venture into self blaming and loathing. This may develop out of the habit of thinking excessively and may lead to depression, anxiety, binging, etc. You will begin finding escapes and the doors you knock on will not be the right ones at first. Alcoholism and Binging, for instance, will only temporarily relieve you and help avoid the overthinking. However, these will only push you deeper into the well.

As you continue jumping to conclusions and riding a bicycle continuously around town despite the bruised feet, unable to stop, you will exhaust yourself and fall to ground. Cognition will slowly be affected and you’ll begin having difficulty in everything you try doing. Distancing yourself from everyone, you will begin to zone out, wishing you could just snap out of it.

While you do it out of concern, what is important is you identify thinking, analyzing from overthinking and over-analyzing and positively tackle it. Some simple tackles would be, immediately engaging in discussion with your peers as soon as something begins bothering you way too much and finding positive solutions and working towards it. Engaging in activities that motivate you, give you a sense of high self regard, strengthen your esteem and help you stay firm. Read, write, go watch a movie! Do anything that relaxes you or makes you smile and the overthinking will be replaced by happier thoughts. Finally, introspection and the right kind of self reflection is most important. Ask yourself questions and find the answers, accept and move forward.

Rumination is a product of your mind and if you’re strong enough, you can tackle it.

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