How Learning is different from Studying?

Learning or acquiring of information and deriving meaning out of it and storing it for future use begins very early. An infant learns to cry when hungry and food arrives as a result, a child learns to behave well and appreciation is awarded, a woman today learns to cover herself from head to toe while traveling in public transport to avoid useless comments and so on.

It is quite interesting how all of us learn something new everyday.

I too have learnt many things out of experience and from simply going about living life. I have learnt to ask for permissions from my mother only when she's in a good


At school, I also learnt German and Math(not really, not sure if I 'learnt' it). Now, at school I studied and at school I learnt and both the terms are often used interchangeably. Quite simply, learning is a lot more than just studying. While studying involves reading, writing and memorizing. Learning involves studying in detail, observing, understanding and experiencing.

Hence, I can comfortably say, I studied Math but I didn't learn anything. (I can hear my father expressing disappointment in the background.)

It was different with English, my textbook came alive when my English teacher walked around the class reading aloud the Solitary Reaper and the entire class was, for that moment, on the English countryside listening to a maiden sing in her native. We learnt English that day and what we learnt is still embedded within our consciousness. I can tell you about the Mariner's Albatross, Brute's breach of trust and the roads Frost took as if I'd been there, right then. Learning is experiencing and I learnt English all through school.

But, when it came to Math, I found myself struggling, copying solutions off the blackboard and repeating exercises done in class so I could pass the wretched tests they held every Monday. I never experienced Math and as a result, I never enjoyed doing it and only 2 years in, I've forgotten how you expand binomial-ly or found cube roots.

Now, I will probably pursue a career that has nothing to do with hypotenuses and parallelograms and forget what the quality of education I was subjected to and like many other students of today, not even think about it. However, this does not eliminate the fact that only cramming and memorizing were never effective techniques of learning. Ensuring good quality education, proper teaching techniques and effective learning techniques need to be implemented so students don't end up realizing they haven't really 'learnt' anything after 12 years of school.

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