EduPsych's Events Gallery opens doors to the past, but they also allow a look into the future. The more these photographs tell you, the less you know. So, give us a call or an email TODAY and allow us to create YOUR ART, YOUR WAY.

'Commit To Something'- a series of sessions for the elderly. This therapeutic event by EduPsych is conducted once every month, for the inmates of St. Catherine's Old Age Home, Kolkata

Health Camp at St. Teresa's Girls School, Kolkata; in association with the Rotary Club (Kolkata), Interact Club (Kolkata) and Trustmedi

EduPsych as a panelist at CRY-  for conducting Life-Skills Workshop for kids at their 'Aashayein' event on World Day Against Child Labour, 2017

EduPsych conducted a Fun and Educative Summer Camp: CREATIVE CAMPERS, at FasTrack Kids, Alipore (Kolkata)

EduPsych conducted a Parenting Workshop at StepUp Kids, Kolkata

EduPsych conducted a Self-help Workshop for adults at Real Yoga, Kolkata

EduPsych conducted a series of weekend workshops at STORY Bookstore, Kolkata




Ruchi Bakhai is an experienced Counselor having cumulative counseling, training and corporate experience of over 4+ years. She has conducted over 1000+ sessions (including but not limited to Students, Corporate Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Homemakers, Couples and the Elderly) and conducted over 18+ Trainings and Workshops. EduPsych has been popular in media and featured in MyManch. Ruchi also shoulders the responsibility of being the Founder of EduPsych and her expertise has got her listed as a Keynote Speaker. Her leadership has made her the Founder & Leader of Lean In Kolkata, a flagship under Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's inintiative

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