Hearing and retaining is easier as information that has been heard tends to replay in our heads. Key words and Phrases can be easily recalled and Aural Learning is very beneficial, nevertheless.

  1. For Students/Learners:

  • Listening to lectures in class wherein definitions are read out, difficult concepts explained and important facts highlighted and discussed, helps. Listening to peers, classmates and others talk about the same concepts over and over again helps in retaining difficult concepts easily.


Students can also listen to recorded books and audios, recitals and podcasts for clear understanding and learning.


For example: Many lectures are available online and can be replayed numerous times.

  • Reading aloud is helpful. Repeating information aloud or repeating it inside our head helps.

  • Participating in discussions, debates and explaining concepts to peers by acting as a peer mentor also is another very useful strategy.

  1. For Teachers/Educators:

  • Clear explanation, easily understandable terms’ usage and repetition of important phrases and definitions is important. Reading aloud lessons, asking students to read aloud and then discussing the same. Question-Answer sessions help. Questions can be posed and students asked to answer or students are allowed to explore, think and questions freely so the teacher can answer and suggest.

  • Lectures can be recorded and sent to students for replay ability and future references. Radio programs and special documentaries can be shared with students.

  • Classroom activities like Oral Quizzes can be organized and students can be asked to present topics orally in front of the class, explain, discuss and tutor from their understanding.


For example: General Knowledge quizzes often are extremely helpful as students listen to answers from their peers and retain the same.

  1. For Learners (Co-curricular and Creative Activities):

  • For students who’re learning to sing or playing an instrument, listening to their instructors sing or play, listening to recording and listening to music live in recitals helps most.

  • For students who’re learning to cook, listening to instructions and listening to the procedure followed by the trainers, advances them in learning.

  1. For Sportspersons/Physical trainers:

  • Discussions with teammates and coaches, One-to-One meetings regarding the game, techniques and figures etc. are important and beneficial.

  • Listening to the coach’s instructions while playing helps in retaining and recalling while performing.

  • After learning, explaining it to peers and tutoring further helps in proper grasping of concepts.













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